Chef’s Brasserie

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060906 006.jpg枝豆と大葉と梅のジェノバ風パスタ、900円。ケイジャンスバイスチキンと彩り野菜カレー、950円。
Genovese(basil paste) mixed with green soybean, green shiso and sour plum. The paste is underneath the salad. It is a bit too oily. The sample plate of spicy chicken and vegetable curry rice looked good so I went back for it…hmm, just normal. The food came really quickly both times and were not very hot.

060917 002.jpg塩漬け豚の網焼き野菜丼、950円。
Second visit. Grilled pork and vegetable rice bowl. I was looking for a place for to eat lunch quickly before the movie started and this was the only place I could think of. Surprisingly this time is much better, the pork and the vegetables were plenty and hot from the grill, the sauce was just simple balsamico sauce but not bad too. Maybe the quality is better at weekends? The price is slightly higher than weekdays’.
Chef’s Brasserie

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  1. 野菜がいっぱいのパスタ。梅が入ってるからさっぱりしてそうだけど・・・

  2. あんた、、、それでも日本人か?!(笑)

  3. ううっ、、そこまで読まれてるとは思わなかった^^;

  4. 「話梅」なら大丈夫なことをまさかシーさんが言い当てるとは思わなかったのよ~

  5. 「話梅」 helped so much for curing our severe car sickness when driving the crazy curvy tropical jungle road in Maui (and I actually FOUND it in this one and only General Store at the remote country side, amazing!!!)

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