Baker Bounce (ベーカーバウンス@三軒茶屋)

ベーコン チーズ ハンバーガー。
Bacon Cheese Burger, 1155yen.
Sweet chestnut, bacon, chicken, mushroom cheese casserole, 682yen.
Smoked chicken and asparagus sandwich, 1050yen.
Homemade ketchup.


Steak lunch, 1470yen.

This burger shop has a branch in Roppongi’s Tokyo Midtown but I went to the original shop in Sangenjaya. I find the food okay but not impressive. The beef was not as juicy and tasty as I had expected for the price. Chestnut casserole is nice though. I prefer the sandwhich much more than the hamburger. Weekday lunch’s menu is cheaper and includes a refillable coffee, but it doesn’t have as many choices as holiday lunch. Atmosphere is great – friendly, boisterous staff make you feel very welcome. Worth going if you are nearby but I probably won’t make a special trip for it. (English review here)
Part of the menu:1, 2, 3.
Baker Bounce

10 thoughts on “Baker Bounce (ベーカーバウンス@三軒茶屋)

  1. How much is the burger?
    Expensive burger always reminds me of LA yuppies ($15+). ^^;; I burst into laughter when I read this, so true~~~

    The place looks cute though, like a neighborhood diner with a Euro rural charm.

  2. I like the interior of the place too, so “hip
    The chestnut bacon thing sound very good!

  3. The burger is 1155yen…well it is not ridiculously expensive, but it doesn’t include drinks on weekends. The interior is supposed to be American…?! ^^;;;

  4. Now I recall…Joan, we visited Sangenjaya before! I think we bought some cheap clothes there. ^^;;

  5. You’re probably too used to Tokyo’s price already ^^;; In a way me too getting too used to that yuppie price range. But remember sandwich is supposedly something easily made by yourself ^^;;, a huge quality one shouldn’t cost more than $6 (600 yen) range.

  6. It is true that 1000yen+ sandwich is expensive…since the ingredients are usually simple stuff that shouldn’t cost too much. Comparing it to a Japanese yoshoku set meal which is also around 1000yen, replacing the bread with rice, the ingredients inside a sandwich or a burger aren’t that much. ^^;;

  7. Oh really?! is 三軒茶屋 the place where there’s a uphill street that has lots of vintage shops and little shop selling homemade stuffs?

    I wish I had a digital camera back and document everything ^^;; Recently I had memories of this place we went that has special coffee. It was quite a hike, if I remember correctly we went to a temple firsT? then on the way back there’s this coffee place? it was like 1000 yen for a coffee which also came with chestnut (or red bean) cake. and the interior is very old style Japanese (like in the 40s-50s). do you remember it at all? ^^;;;

  8. We remember very different things about the same experience. I have no memory of the coffee shop or the temple…^^;;;;;;;;;

    “uphill street that has lots of vintage shops and little shop selling homemade stuffs” doesn’t sound like Sangenjaya, which is just one not-very-long street with shops here and there. I remember we weren’t very impressed by the place(especially after Aoyama/Daikanya/Kichijoji etc) but the clothes were really cheap(made in China but cute design).

  9. Ha we totally have different memories. You seriously don’t remember the temple? Remember the red leaves…?? Actually I’m not even sure if the coffee place is on the same trip as Temple haha. I remember our comment on the coffee was “hmm….normal…” ^^;;;

  10. I really don’t remember. ^^;;;;;; So we saw red leaves….I wonder where it was….

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