issa (日本茶と豆乳のカフェ いっさ)



Rice bowl with marinated duck. Shiro-choco: hot matcha with white chocolate.
A cute cafe in Akihabara offering a variety of rice bowls and drinks made from matcha and soy milk. The food is of simple, cafe quality and the portion is quite small. Though the price is cheap and it seems to be very popular with OLs and salarymen.
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(19 July 2005)
Hotspring egg and dry curry rice bowl. Iced matcha and red bean drink.

Menu(J): 1, 2, 3.

Add: 2-3-24, Sudacho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-5294-3636

9 thoughts on “issa (日本茶と豆乳のカフェ いっさ)

  1. Papaya…oh that is grilled pumpkin and carrot. Actually the curry is not spicy but sweet. ^^;;; I went to Akihabara for a friend’s opera concert(she sang one song), and was looking for places to eat before it starts…really there are only ramen-ya, very guy-places that I am too chicken to go alone(it is THE akihabara we are talking about! ^^;;;)…I searched for ages to find this place, which is not near the main street where all the electronic stores are but a bit far off. I spent an hour there reading Harry Potter, haha!

  2. I heard there are lots of those maid cafes in Akihabara, where the waitress dress in anime-ish maid outfits. Totally for otakus ^^;;;

  3. I always liked maid costumes, (in an antique sort of way) but now that its Akiba-ish, can’t claim to like it anymore!
    although if there are butler cafes I might wanna go…^^;;

  4. Oh my, you know about maid cafe?! ^^;;;;;

    When I was walking on the main street of Akihabara here, I actually saw 2 maid-waitresses

    tomoko, me too!! I like maid outfits too!!

  5. Haha Seat you didn’t dare take picture of those 2 maids from front? Are there otakus carrying cameras around there to take pic of cute maids? I first heard of those maid cafe when Taiwan media reports Taiwan too is popular with them, a recent case of invasion of otaku culture! (Taiwan followed JP latest boom most closedly out of Asia). At first I didn’t understand what does maid cafe has to do with otaku culture, I think I get it now ^^;;;

    Maid costumes (in a non-puffy, non bunny-ears, non-anime looking way) is just awesome! Emmanuelle Beart in 8 Femmes remember? Gosh she was sooooooooooo cute so hot~~,

  6. Apparently maid waitresses loitering about Akihabara is a common sight…

    I will look really strange running ahead of them and taking their faces, right?! Too embarassing!! ^^;;;

    Yeah I remember 8 Femmes! She is very cute in maid costume!

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