October 26, 2006


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本日のクレープ: ツナピザ&ローストポーク。
Today's crepe lunch: Tuna pizza crepe and roasted pork crepe. Omelette with ketchup, persimmon and ham, and salad on the side, comes with coffee, 750yen. The crepe is made from rye and soba flour hence the natural brown colour. The texture is sticky and soft, served hot, very good! Also got a corn bread to take away, which has cous-cous mixed in the dough apparently, also good. I was sight-seeing(^^;;) around Waseda university with friends and I did check beforehand where to eat lunch but most of the recommended places were ramen or curry, and we weren't in the mood for ramen or curry, so I grabbed a fashionably-dressed student, which was plenty around(^^;;), and asked her for nice places to have lunch and she recommended us this place. Good choice! The university area is very nice and pretty, too bad it was raining and kinda cold that day that we couldn't walk around more.

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Yeah true, most women and men in Tokyo dress well no matter where you go(except Akihabara perhaps), but I think Waseda has the most fashionbably dressed students compared to other universities I have visited. I asked the girl in Japanese, although with an accent. She probably thought I was from the country side visiting Tokyo for the first time or something. ^^;;;

seat | October 30, 2006 07:52 PM

I'd think restaurant business around U would cater to busy (and mostly poor?) college students, hence mostly ramen and curry and cafe. Haha but since you said there're many well dressed students...though I'd think most Tokyo women (of all economic background) are fashionable~ Did you pretend to be a fresh off the boat tourist? ^^;;;

Freda | October 30, 2006 07:03 PM