November 09, 2006


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Tan-tan noodles(no soup), comes with salad(all cooked veggy) and boiled dumplings. Very local Szechuan restaurant that somehow got very famous because of its authentic Szechuan spiciness. First-timer will be strongly recommended by almost every waitress, every kitchen staff, every cook, over and over, to try the mild version first, but I stubbornly insisted on having the normal spicy version. Turned out it was actually okay, the tingling and numbing sensation from the Szechuan pepper spreads over your tongue and your mouth, which is quite scary, but because your tongue is numbed, you don't really feel painful. ^^;; I couldn't finish all the noodles though, not because it was too hot, but because it was a big bowl and I got really tired of the same taste. However the two waitresses came to me one after another saying, "See, I told you to get the mild one." ^^;;; Very local and friendly ambience though, which is kinda contagious and makes you feel like chiming into the conversation between the customers and the very talkative waitresses. Want to try their mapo tofu. There is a famous Szechuan restaurant in Ikebukuro(entry here) and I tried their cold Szechuan noodles before and I was complaining about how boring it was to have no other ingredients with the noodles other than chilli sauce, but now I realise that it is in fact the authentic style of Szechuan noodles...oops.

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Yeah~, good idea to put big pictures to highlight my favourite dishes(though this one is not my favourite ^^;;)
I did have a big cup of cafe latte afterwards to (belatedly) put a milk coating to protect my stomach. ^^;;


seat | November 10, 2006 08:25 PM

Big pictures look GOOD! :D You should highlight your favorite dish (or the best looking photo ^^;;). But if it's not spectacular looking as bigger every entry too~ The loading speed is fine.

I think drinking beer (soymilk) helps neutralize the spicyness so you can reset the numbness in mouth for the next bite ^^;;;

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