December 11, 2006


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A rather local yakiniku restaurant recommended by a friend who is living nearby and is sort of a regular. We got to order stuff that are not on the menu(e.g. cow tongue sashimi and beef sashimi), and enjoy an incredible omakase course which allowed us to try almost everything on the menu. It is however an impossible task to translate the fact I can't even match the name with the right picture cos they all look the same. ^^;; Basically we tried various parts of cow, both the meat and the horumon.
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Assorted kimchi. Achilles tendon in ponzu. Grilled garlic.
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Cow stomach sashimi. Liver sashimi.
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Cow tongue sashimi. Beef sashimi.
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From here, the meat are to be grilled. The pic on the left is some fancy cow tongue. The rest...sorry, don't really remember.
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The umeshu here is very nice with a variety of choices - nihonshu based, shochu based, white wine based, red wine based, and house blend. I like the house blend and nihonshu based of umeshu the most. The one in the picture is just nihonshu.
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My favourite horumon "shibire", it tastes like foie gras~ Takes a while to grill until it is smooth and creamy.
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The steak is nice too. The waitor cut it into pieces for us. But I prefer the fatty thin slices of beef which are just much more juicy.
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We had some additional orders which I didn't take pictures of...btw, there were 5 of us, 4 girls and 1 guy. ^^;;;
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Yukke - Korean version of Steak Tartare. Tontoro - fatty pork.
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Horumon also, forgot name. Hard and chewy texture.
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On the right is Kimchi fried rice.
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061206 122The usual stomach-filling carbs(though we were already very full...): Korean beef soup rice, chilled buckwheat noodles, and ramen in a hot stone bowl. I think we paid about 12,000yen each. Considering how much we ate and drank, and how amazing the quality of the meat was, not a bad deal.
My friend actually remembered the menu in Japanese and kindly sent it to me, so I just copied here.
・キムチ盛り合わせ ・牛アキレス腱ポン酢 ・にんにく焼き
・センマイ刺し ・レバー刺し ・牛タン刺し ・牛刺し
・幻のタン塩(ゲタ) ・カイノミ ・シンシン ・ホルモン ・コブクロ
・ギアラ ・コプチャン ・シビレ ・ヒレ ・トモ三角 ・ザブトン ・ツラミ
・ユッケ ・豚トロ ・ウルテ ・ハツモト ・子袋
・キムチチャーハン ・石焼ユッケジャンラーメン ・冷麺 ・カルビクッパ

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seat | December 15, 2006 01:19 AM


やっこ | December 14, 2006 01:08 PM

Oh I see. Go go go ask him to bring you and Joan there!

seat | December 13, 2006 11:55 PM

It wasn't Joan who went to that exclusive yakiniku, it's her co-worker... (and the owner's wife gave him a business card, meaning he's now a 'member'~ oh so jealous!)

Freda | December 13, 2006 06:04 PM

Should have taken more photos of the beef being grilled or after...but I was too busy eating...^^;;

seat | December 13, 2006 01:38 AM

That looks simply AWESOME. I'm... speechless. So. Much. Meat!
Red, gleaming, juicy, meat!!! :D :D :D

scenic | December 13, 2006 01:17 AM

Seriously, after this meal I was not hungry for a week. ^^;; I did get sore throat and a slight fever...

Yakiniku is Korean food! Though the owner of this place is Japanese.

The standard price for a meal in this place is 4000yen per person, we did pay 3 times more in order to eat the good stuff. ^^;;

Did Joan think this exclusive yakiniku was good then?

seat | December 13, 2006 01:10 AM

Hahaha it's all looked like bloody meat...I think only chef can identify them correctly. Yukke and Kimchee fried rice looks yum! (maybe it's the egg yolk, I'm addicted to eggs~). Gosh there're so much meat...even if you just eat one slice of much~~

Is this place own by Korean? (so many usage of kimchi?)

The thing about neighborhood izakaya (and sushi), you have to let the chefs and owners know you as a welcomed regular to eat the exclusive good stuffs. ^^:;;

Oh I heard about a SECRET exclusive grilled beef Japanese place somewhere in LA, one of Joan's co-worker got invited along when he worked with these Japanese clients. it's the club-member only type where you need to be either being brought by an already 'member'. You needed to knock on the door and the owner's wife will peek at the door to decide whether to let you in or not...etc. Joan's co-worker kept on bragging how amazing it is...^^:;;

Freda | December 12, 2006 05:55 PM