April 12, 2007

La Luna Rossa (ラ・ルーナ・ロッサ@中目黒)

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Lovely window view of a little river(Megurogawa). There are sakura trees along the river so the location is perfect for ohanami. But then you will probably have to book way in advance and it is hard to predict the blossom period which is only like a week...I didn't even bother to try. ^^;;
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Grilled clam with breadcrumbs. Good.
Oyster fried in pastella of batter, with potato cream and prosciutto. A bit salty and the batter is quite thick.
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Bread is so-so.
Pici(pasta) with platinum pork salsiccia(sausage) and nanohana and parmesan cheese. The handmade pasta is very good!
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Pork with seasonal vegetables. Bland.
Warm bitter chocolate Tortino. Chocolate is rich. Very good. The little balls are truffle ice-cream. The cream for the chocolate cake is banana flavour.

Lunch course I ordered was about 4000yen. There is a cheaper 3000yen lunch course that doesn't include the meat dish while the pasta(same choice as 4000yen course) is twice the portion. Since the meat is no good anyway, the cheaper pasta lunch is probably a better choice. I only had a glass of sparkling wine and mineral water, came up to 5700yen.

Service is just so-so. And despite the fact that the restaurant is along the river, it is quite hard to find - everyone got lost. Sakura blossoming or not, the environment is very nice though.
Menu(J) here.
La Luna Rossa

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