May 15, 2007


Japanese menu here. (Even I can't read the words...) 4900yen dinner course.
Grape vinger soda. Green pea soup.
Sakura rice(mochi rice wrapped in salted sakura leaf), Hotaru squid, yuzu radish and nanohana. So good!
Some veggy with sanshou(Japanese pepper) seed.
Tamago-yaki(sweet egg roll).
Yamaimo(mountain potato) manju.
The beans in the right pic are for 4 people.
Yuba, fu etc. with sesame sauce. This is also for 4 people.
Belly pork with soy beans. Very soft~

0703280066Wish the rice came together with the belly pork instead of after. The round balls inside the jelly are made from tofu.

Healthy, light, simple, lots of fresh and delicious vegetables. The staff, the customers were all female. Unfortunately the service was a little cold. And I actually got hungry in like 3 hours....

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My new home is VERY far from shimokitazawa...unless there is a restaurant I want to go, otherwise just can't be assed...^^;;;

The bowl is bigger for the beans and the yuba, so you get your share of food...the portion is okay, afterall it is Japan, but the food is just so healthy so non-oil so easy to digest that it doesn't stay in the stomach very long...^^;;

seat | May 17, 2007 09:38 PM

the dishes look small so no wonder you get hungry soon. The sakura rice looks the most tempting!

you don't go to 下北沢 that often right?

Joan | May 17, 2007 11:28 AM

Izakaya (upscale one for female ^^;;)? I can't believe 4 people have to fight over these...but they looked so delicate and prettty~

Freda | May 17, 2007 11:22 AM