March 16, 2008

神田まつや (Kanda Matsuya)


Famous soba place established in 1884. The present building - dated from 1925 - is one of the historical architectures in Tokyo.
Soba toro(grated yam). Tendon(rice with prawn tempura).
かしわ南ばん、¥950。 力うどん、¥950。
Kashiwa(chicken) Nanban. Chikara(grilled mochi) udon.
Nishin soba - soba with smoked sweet-flavoured herring(Kyoto origin). The fish tastes like the canned ones...not my cup of tea.
Kamo-nanban(Duck soba). Very good!
親子南ばん、¥1000。 花巻、¥850。
Oyako(chicken and egg) Nanban. Hana-maki - soba with seaweed.
Kamo(duck) Seiro. Curry Nanban.
Nabe-yaki udon - udon hotpot.
おかめとじ、¥1000。 おかめ、¥950。
(Right)Okame soba : soba with Yuba, tamago-yaki, shiitake mushroom, kamaboko, bamboo shoot, seaweed, spinach.
(Left)Okame-toji soba: Okame soba with egg on top. Very good!
寄せ鍋うどん、¥1200。 小田巻きむし、¥1100。
Yosenabe Udon. Super delicious! So many ingredients(including my beloved mochi) in it.
Odamakimushi: chawanmushi with udon(just a little bit) at the bottom. Need to wait for 15mins but totally worth it.
かき揚天丼、¥1000。 雛そば くさきり、¥1000。
Kakiage-tendon. Not only kakiage, but also two prawn tempura. The prawns are smaller than the more expensive "Tendon", but tasty enough.
Soba made with yomogi(limited period).

Not only soba, udon is good too. Tsuyu(soup) is delicious. Nothing I ordered was disappointing but yosenabe and okame-toji stand out the most. Portion is not big, so I always order L portion, which is an extra 100yen(the price quoted above are all for regular portion). The staff are very friendly but they don't keep very good track of who ordered what. I always order L size but they never remember that - I have to remind them to charge me 100yen more each time. ^^;;

Look at the queue during New Year holiday...normally it is crowded and you may have to wait a bit and share a table during busy lunch hour, but I've never seen a queue like this outside a soba place...
Menu(J): 1, 2.
Add: 1-13, Sudacho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-3251-1556

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Haha...I like mochi in okonomiyaki too...

seat | March 21, 2008 07:31 PM

Ah pretty pictures of the noodle!

I don't get the grilled mochi + udon...that sounds like the heaviest, most doughy combine ^^:; Odamakimushi sounds like heaven!

Freda | March 21, 2008 06:05 AM

Oops, I should have been more precise. The building itself is 80 years old. The queue that long only happens before New Year - Japanese have the tradition of eating soba in New Year. Of course I didn't queue! ^^;;; I always go alone so it is not a problem getting a seat immediately as long as I share tables.

The broth for Nishin soba is much lighter-tasting than that of all the nanban soba.

It is udon that is at the bottom of the chawanmushi. You must have eaten chawanmushi before? It is just chawamushi with a bit of udon lo.

seat | March 19, 2008 08:15 PM

I love the exterior of the restaurant! I wonder if it was kept the same since 1884? (renovate from time to time of course).

the queue is you usually beat the crowd with your schedule? ^^;;

The Nishin soba and the duck soba looks the most tempting! How different is the broth?

Can't imagine how Odamakimushi is like, so there's custard egg at the bottom of the soup? or are they little pieces floating around? It looks very yummy though.

Wish there's a good soba/udon place nearby work or house :(

Joan | March 19, 2008 09:39 AM

I've found your email and have replied - please check.

seat | March 17, 2008 07:03 PM

everytime i visit your blog it's a pleasure for the eyes. salivating~~

v | March 17, 2008 06:02 PM

sorry, i just found your msg from your previous entries. I sent it to the email address i found which starts with "eatseatseats". that was the only one I found that looked like a email address^^ Guess you didn't get it after all.

Pls send me a email instead. my address is typed on the box above.

v | March 17, 2008 06:01 PM

excuse me, I sent you a email thru the one you registered on flickr, did you get it? would you consider our invitation? any questions you might want to ask?

v | March 17, 2008 05:57 PM