January 10, 2008


Tokujo Oyakodon, 1600yen. Tokujo is the highest rank in the menu.
More than anything, I love the egg! Very rich taste and smooth and still runny and just perfect with the super delicious rice. The chicken meat is still pink when served and I am sure it is fresh and everything but, hard, fatless chicken is just not my thing.
Jo-tataki Oyakodon, 1300yen. The staff warned me that the chicken meat is minced, but the combination of half-cooked egg and rice and minced chicken is so heavenly.
Tokujo Oyakodon with Motsu(chicken giblets), 1900yen. Motsu seems to be very popular and runs out really quickly. It is nice but that is a lot of motsu with one bowl of rice - even though I can eat it, I can't eat a lot.
Oyakodon set. The simple oyakodon is the lowest rank in the menu, but...I actually like the chicken meat better than the highest rank one! It is soft! Hoever my impression is that the egg, and even the rice are not as delicious as the Tokujo. The set is 2100yen and includes a chicken salad and two Tori-shinjo(deep-fried minced chicken). Since lowest rank Oyakodon is only 1000yen, the salad and the shinjo alone cost 1100yen!
Jo-oyakon. Chicken is pink and soft and juicy! Like it!
Katsu-don. Fried chicken with egg.

In sum, I think for the egg and the rice, I like Tokujo the most, but for chicken meat, I prefer the middle rank Jo-oyakon and below. Jo-tataki is also a favourite. This place is very famous but there is no queue at lunchtime on weekdays.
Menu(J) here.
鳥つね自然洞 (Toritsune Shizendou)
Add: 5-5-2, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku (Not far from Akihabara)
Tel: 03-5818-3566

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I very much doubt that they use "frozen hormone enhanced ones with no chicken flavor" even for the cheapest oyakodon. ^^;;;; But yeah, I was never crazy about Oyakodon...this shop changed my impression completely!


seat | January 11, 2008 07:23 PM

My goodness I've never seen Oyakodon looking so good! Maybe the Tokujo chicken is harder because it's fresh organic farm chicken with chicken flavor (which tend to be hard cause they un-fatten un-enhance with hormone, and run around farm hence with tone up muscle ^^;;), while the regular tender ones are the usual frozen hormone enhance ones with no chicken flavor (aka = what we get in US Tokujo)

Freda | January 11, 2008 05:51 AM

きゃー 食べたい~!!おいしそうー
しかし・・ 平日昼ってのが・・厳しい。

湯 | January 10, 2008 11:36 PM