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Real Food Daily (Santa Monica)

By in 16: Santa Monica

DSC01600.jpgDSC01604.jpgOrder to go from Real Food Daily, an organic vegetarian gourmet restaurant opened by the personal chef of Danny DeVito. The entire menu is all innovative veggie gourmet, but I bet you it can’t compare to the Chinese Vegetarian restaurants (I’ve had a lot of really good ones). So I ordered the soup and special of the day. Holiday Fejitos Special $13.95 Letil Soup. MY GOD it is a NIGHTMARE!!! I thought ah-HA how interesting, Mexican food in v-version. The ‘meat’ are the bad tofu-meat, completely burnt. The sides are all very bad…totally reminded me of very bad trashy Mexcian food. The soup…so oily and tasteless. It’s just horrible beyond words. I took only one bite and that’s it.

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