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Joan’s on 3rd (3rd st. Los Angeles)

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Dscf0148.jpgDscf0149.jpgDscf0151.jpgBack to Joan’s on 3rd, the gourmet marketplace with lots of specialty groceries and gorumet food, wine and cheese. I had an really old entry here before about their really delicious peach gummies. There’s a cafe where you can order food as well, though it can get too crowded since it’s such a popular spot. Venetian Coppa Salame with provolone & olive paste, $9.95. Baby Field Greens with goat cheese, spiced pecans and joan’s vinaigrette, $5.50. Not mine. I had a bite though and it’s good!

Dscf0153.jpgDSC03125.jpgProsciutto di parma, mozzarella & roasted peppers, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, craked pepper & sea salt $9.95. Gosh it’s soooo yummy! (much better than the salame one). The Prosciutto is so soft and chewy, not too salty. Taste fit so well with mozzarella, peppers and olive oil. Of course I bought the peach gummies too, I also tried the apple gummies. I personally think the peach one is still better, but some people like the apple ones more.

There was a movie filming at a clothing boutique just couple store down of Joan’s on 3rd, so it was crowded with lots of film crew. In fact, we saw Paris Hilton who starred in the movie! She sat couple tables away from us at Joan’s. She got brown hair for the film. Also a big coincidence is that, the director of the film is a friend of my friend whom I went there with. Apparently the film is called “Bottom up” which my friend’s friend wrote and had been trying to get it made for the past 4 years. Paris Hilton is basically playing a role just like herself: spoil rich “hollywood” girl. The leading male is Jason Mewes which I didn’t get to see.

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