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Vanille de Pastissarie (San Marino)

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As for cakes, there’re more and more nice Taiwanese-owned pastries and bakery opening here these days (maybe it’s a sign of the growth of Chinese community in LA has reached the point where not only essential things but delicate/luxury things are starting to be in demand?). Such as this one Vanille de Pastissarie at San Marino (10 min drive). The cakes are quite nicely decorated and delicately made. Taste-wise it varies from okay to good. There’s a comfy cafe area inside, and a sample tasting tray. They also have a cake-buffet thing which you get to all-you-can-eat smaller (and simpler) version of their cakes.

The Raspberry Jelly+mousse taste a bit too strong and flat (compare to the fresh fruit authentic taste of Portals‘s Raspberry mousse and even RJ‘s). The mousse is not light enough. The other one is Coffee+Hazlenut Cream which is very good. We bought 3 more for home (+1 Greentea which is free).

DSC00369.jpgDSC00375.jpgThe bell-shape one is called Rose Petal, they said it’s made with real rose petals, not artificial flavor. Haven’t try it yet. The grapefruit smoothies is very good.

Though as always for most chinese thing, there’re plenty of rooms for improvement in the cultural deparment. They were playing some Yanni crap~~GOSH!!! Please….Cafe music is something like…taste 101. Just grab some Astrud or Bebel Gilberto (since you can never go wrong with them), or even any compile CD that’s named “cafe bossa parisian something” is already good enough…^^;;

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