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Patty Wagon

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Finally back to LA! We got lots of LA entries back up now that need to be published.
There’re more and more new food trucks spawning everyday. One day we just walked out to see what truck is out there for lunch and we saw Patty Wagon – a cute truck specialize in mini-burgers with 100% grass fed beef and organic ingredients. We were instantly intrigued by the menu. Since the burgers are sized like sliders, we both got two.


You’re My Everything – Sauteed sweet peppers, onions and garlic with swiss and a little mayo on our toasted hamburger roll.

Keep Your Sunny Side Up – On our toasted ciabatta, spread with our homemade gremolata (garlic, lemon, parsley butter).


Get A Kick Out Of You – Roasted jalapenos, pancetta, provolone cheese, and a lil mayo on our toasted hamburger roll.

Mood Indigo – Bleu cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms on our toasted ciabatta roll.

All the burgers were very good! The patties were juicy and full of flavors. I like how the pickle slices were on top of the burgers. The ciabatta rolls were tasty too. My favorites out of the bunch was Mood Indigo and Keep Your Sunny Side Up.


Hand cut fries with sea salt, garlic and rosemary.  I like how thin the fries were. Well seasoned and fried.

Overall I was very impressed with their food. The burger tasted gourmet and fresh. It’s definitely a truck that’s worthy of tracking. Speaking of tracking food truck, TruxMap is a fantastic website that tells you where the trucks are on the map. I found it very useful and it’s great for someone like me who don’t have twitter.

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