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Clover Bakery (San Jose Santa Clara)

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When I started working at San Jose, I immediately looked up where the nearest Japanese market and bookstore are at. Right next to Mitsuwa is a small and cute Japanese bakery called Clover Bakery. The place felt very Japanese, in a way where there’s a happy faces in everything and they have something like Spaghetti bread. I would love this place so much when I was little.

Clover Bakery



Melon Pan with faces.


Pork Cutlet Sandwich with Spaghetti.

Dinner set:
Clover Bakery
Clover BakeryClover Bakery

Their flavors are not subtle (definitely near the junky tasting side). Place like this reminds me of the good times of growing up in Asia…

Clover Bakery 
4342 Moorpark Ave, Ste A
San Jose, CA 95129

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