8 thoughts on “寿司屋 神火 (Sushiya Jinka)

  1. *0*~~ speechless, looks sooooo good! The grilled Tuna is kinda like how Ahi-Tuna is done (grilled at surface just enough to leave inside raw). The dessert is…?

  2. Yeah this item has been on TV/magazine~~~It is too good and too cheap for that quality. The dessert is slightly sweetened tomato…at first when the waitor put it in front of me I was so puzzled that I asked him what it was…seriously, strange to have tomato as dessert but it was nice. Oh I was sitting in the counter seat(very small sushi restaurant) and when I took pics, the chef smiled wryly at me and I got all self-conscious and embarassed…^^;;; I should have smiled back and not stiffened which made me look more silly…

  3. It’s a nice idea of dessert that’d help digestion ^^;; though tomato tends to leave a strong taste smell in mouth that defeat the after-meal-dessert purpose a bit. Oh I’ll get all self-conscious when the waiter or someone else look/smile/ask me when I took a picture. Though the chef in your case should feel compliment right. Worst is when I took picture, you heard the conversation of the nearby table stopped suddenly, then they started to talk about camera/photographs ^^;;; One time these old ladies laughed and asked me “the food looks good huh?” as if I took them as if I’m like a tourist taking pix for sake of capturing the tourist attraction. I just laugh along. ^^;;

  4. Ahaha~~~ in this case it was worse because the chef was doing his own cooking/preparing stuff right in front of me, only separated by a small counter, so AFTER I took picture and began to eat I was still conscious of him cos he was so near….^^;;;

    At least the people in your case have some obvious open reaction/talk to you friendly and also you can pretend to be a tourist, while in Japan, people just look at you surreptitiously but you just know they are looking…don’t know which is better…^^;; But really, this kind of uneasiness is all self-imposed I guess. If you see other people taking pictures, you don’t actually think very much/ no big deal really. ^^;;;

  5. see just dunno why I sometimes mind what other thinks a bit too much ^^;;; Have you been told off by the waiter that they forbid you to take pictures?

  6. Only once in a posh French restaurant in Ginza…but the waitresses’ attitude in that restaurant was very snobby from the start anyway. The food wasn’t even very good and it was like $40 for lunch…

    Oh and twice in bread shops when I tried to take pics of the name-tags cos I just can’t remember those difficult French names.

  7. How can you tell any recipe-secret from the label…? ^^;; It is just one of those “small gas” quality of Japanese you know.

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