Sungari@VenusFort (スンガリー@ヴィーナスフォート)

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Beef stew. It is in the food court of Venus Fort in Odaiba.

5 thoughts on “Sungari@VenusFort (スンガリー@ヴィーナスフォート)

  1. oh is this at that Las Vegas-ish place at Odaiba? I notice those fake sky! ^^;;; It’s so rare to find a Russian restaurant here. I missed that bread soup thing.

  2. Yeah, Venus Fort, the fake-Roman tacky Las Vegas shopping mall in Odaiba, haha. I was wondering if you would remember. ^^;;;;

    But the portion was too small(they look big in pics), I was not full after paying 1500yen. But I guess it is a touristy place so the price is high in general.

    I am packing my room now so I am eating nearby lor. It is only like 3 minutes’ walk away, yet I never bothered to go. ^^;;;;

  3. oh I see that’s why you’ve been eating there. Funny people go all the way there to eat and shop, yet you live near there and don’t go, that’s always the case huh!

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