igrek MARUNOUCHI (イグレック 丸の内)

アスパラのヴルテ 市場から届いた海老のポワレ添え。
From the 5000yen lunch course.
Salmon with coriander and vegetables.
Asparagus Velouté with prawns.

0704270014鴨の雌雛のポワレとエシャロットのフォンドュ添え 香草風味のジュー。
Pan-fried duck in eshallot sauce, with spinach ravioli and mushroom saute.
Tea jelly, ganache cake, framboise sorbet, mango macaron and mango sauce.

The food was just okay. The duck was already cold when it came out. Portion was tiny. Quite expensive for the quality. Apparently butter and cream are not heavily used and more emphasis are put on the vegetables. I guess it will be perfect for the elderly…

It is on the 5th floor of Shin-marunouchi building, which actually opened on the day we went for lunch. ^^;;;;; It opened at 11am and we booked for 12am….you can imagine how crowded it was. We had to queue to get into the building, then another queue for the elevator/escalator. People people people EVERYWHERE! No time and no strength to take pics of the interior, just the pretty reporter here and the massive queue here. The view from the restaurant is superb, overlooking Tokyo station. Not taken from the restaurant I had lunch but the view is similar(here). After lunch we explored all the floors and found many tempting restaurants….and have already booked two restaurants on the spot. So I guess I will be coming back again…^^;;

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  1. People people people EVERYWHERE!
     !!! スゴ早レポだわ~~

  2. 湯さん>

  3. eh how come I missed this entry~ The pepper sides of the duck is curious (meant to be spicy?) Seems like there’re so many new big business mall opened recently for you to explore. To think that Tokyo is already so dense, I never knew there’re still big development like these.

  4. Completely forgot what those chilli taste like…but definitely not hot. Well even HK has newly developed sites so…

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