Patisserie Potager (パティスリー・ポタジエ@中目黒)

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060228 136ベジロール・トマト。大根とショコラ。
Cakes made with vegetables. Left is raddish and chocolate, right is roll cake with tomato. Both are pretty bad…^^;;; The patissier chef is a young and pretty lady who goes on TV food shows sometimes.
Patisserie Potager

3 thoughts on “Patisserie Potager (パティスリー・ポタジエ@中目黒)

  1. So are they like…vegan cake?
    Gosh I had the most gross vegan brownie ever…since then I won’t touch any ‘vegan pastries’. ^^;;

  2. Just normal cakes with sugar and cream and all that but also have vegetables added in it…don’t think it is any healthier though…

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