Bistro Grasso


Grilled Ayu(sweetfish) and Edamame(green soybean) risotto. Comes with bread, salad and coffee.
Free little dessert(pumpkin pudding and fruits) only on rainy days.
コンビネーションプレート: 牛グリルと、海老+トウモロコシのピッツァ、¥1000。
Combination plate: Grilled beef, prawn and corn pizza.
Pasta lunch: Spaghetti with tuna and shishitou pepper.
コンビネーションプレート: トマトと茄子のオーブン焼きと、木の子・生ハムのリゾット、¥1000。
Combination plate: Oven grilled tomato and aubergine, mushroom and ham risotto.
Pasta lunch: Spinach Carbonara.

The food is generally good but the portion is tiny. The salad is so small that you just wonder why they would even bother. This restaurant is particular about their olive oil and they give you a big plate, but there is really no point because the bread is no good. The coffee is diluted and the little cookies are stale… They do all these little things which are not necessary anyway, but they don’t do them very well. The main(pasta, risotto, pizza, meat) taste good and I always wish they would cut all those extra stuff and just make the portion of the main dish bigger. Anyway, the restaurant is always very empty and the seats are comfortable, so I find myself coming back again and again, when I am not too hungry and want to have a peaceful quiet lunch.
Menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4.
Bistro Grasso
Add: 3-9-11 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku
Tel: 03-3835-1184

2 thoughts on “Bistro Grasso

  1. haha this sounds funny! And why the free pumpkin treat only on rainy day? I suppose the owner must feel that many little dishes amount to more ‘value-seeming’ to attract customer, while not thinking of the bigger picture. I wish i have something so cheap and good for everyday lunch nearby though!

  2. Yeah, I think 1000yen pasta lunch which doesn’t include salad and coffee will be considered “bad value”. Though there are other restaurants offering bigger portion and better quality for 1000yen so I don’t think I will visit this place again. ^^;;;

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