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Green leaf Taiwanese cuisine 青葉餐廳 (Taipei: Zhongshan)

By in 10: Taipei

It had been 5 days in Taipei and we realized we hadn’t gone to a nice proper traditional Taiwanese restaurant for dinner. So we decided to check out Green Leaf, a famous Taiwanese restaurant that’s been around for years.  For some reason the entire restaurant was filled with Japanese tourists and business men.


Looks like a burrito, this is 潤餅 Yuen bin, or Taiwanese spring roll, a Taiwanese specialty that was originated from Fujian. The skin of the roll is very thin but it’s not rice paper, the texture was a little bit like Tortilla but taste very different. The fillings were chopped carrot, bamboo shoot, soy bean, dry tofu, pork, squid, egg, shrimp and many other stuffs. Multiple flavors in a bite, there’s a subtle sweetness to it, I like this a lot.

Braised Pork in soy sauce
Delicious! The pork was very tender, the fatty part did not feel greasy.


Jellyfish with cucumber and pan fried vegetables.


Salt and spice prawn
The prawn were well seasoned, not too salty.

All the dishes were refine tasting. The meal (+ beer) round up to about $40 for us which is reaonsable. There’re other fancy and pricey dishes (i.e. grilled mullet roe, crab) on the menu so this place could get pricey depend on what you get. I am curious now at their other branches in Taipei that’s call Aoba (Green leaf in Japanese) which suppose to have a more creative and “contemporary” menu.

Green Leaf 青葉餐廳
No. 10, Lane 105, ZhongShan North Road, Sec. 1 Taipei

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