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Ricochet (Joshua Tree)

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The town right outside of the national park is small and low-key, but it’s surprisingly filled with interesting shops, galleries and eateries which wouldn’t look out of place in Silver lake or Venice. There’s a very cute bakery called Teacake Bakery, a hip “etsy-ish” art and craft store called Mt. Fuji General Store, and lots of vintage clothes store. We ate pretty well during our stay there. One of the places we like a lot was Ricochet.


Ricohet is a small quirky eatery that also sell gourmet food, wine and beer and vintage clothing. We felt like stepping into someone’s home. All the mismatch vintage furnitures, plates and decor gave a homey vibe to the place. There are only 3 small tables and the cook was also the server. For a small shop this place packed in lots of gourmet goodies, even different types of gluten free-crackers.

Local brew Kombuchadate shake

It seems like the entire town sell this local brew Kombucha. It tastes better than the mainstream one that’s sold in Whole food. And of course you can’t not go to the Southern California desert without trying the date milk shake.


Since we had a very satisfying breakfast at Sacred Sand so we didn’t need a full lunch. All the food tasted  very home cooking, especially when the cook just bring out the food from the kitchen and serve them on all these mismatch plates. The soup, tamale and the taco all are fresh and tasty. I love the cute heart shape plate a lot!

They have lots of vegetarian and vegan items on the menu too, and it seems like their menu change constantly. Fresh ingredients, home cooking, great homey and quirky vibe, Ricochet is great place to grab a bite before or after visiting the national park.


61705 Twentynine Palms Highway

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