Prince George, Canada

Tim Hortons
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First day we had burger king for lunch(urgh)….and then my sister who lives there cooked dinner for us(very impressed!). Tim Hortons was lunch on day 2(donuts too sweet urgh), and we went to a hotel buffet for dinner(urghx3).

Moxie’s Classic Grill
A couple of bad meals in a row made me decide to ignore my parents(who dislike western food) and the local guide(my sister) and take control of the eating issue. Found this restaurant by pure luck, went in with my sisters to try their cocktails first and check out the menu, seemed okay, then dragged my parents there for lunch the next day. It is not fantastic, but it is like an oasis in the middle of a desert.
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Honey roasted garlic sirloin steak. Almond crusted salmon.
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Penne carbonara with chicken. Mediterranean calamari salad.
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Banana caramel xango – creamy, light banana cheesecake wrapped in a pastry tortilla. Dusted with cinnamon-sugar and served with warm caramel, ribbons of chocolate and vanilla ice-cream.
Mini mocha mud pie – rich chocolate fudge and mocha ice-cream.
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Bellini and ice-mochacino we ordered during our scout mission.
Moxie’s homepage is here.

North 54
Found this restaurant thru a hurried search in the internet, which turned out to be so-so. The only good dish was the veal chop which was tender and juicy.
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Veal chop served with a wild mushroom cream sauce.
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Seafood soup – mussels, scallops, tiger prawns and fresh water shrimp in a roma tomato and white wine broth.
Bistro salad – baby organic greens with grilled prosciutto and free range eggs with a red wine vinaigrette.
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Tabliolini with a white truffle infused sauce and Bella Lody parmesan.
Lobster ravioli – Lobster stuffed ravioli served with a tomato and fresh basil sauce.
0515 225.jpgChocolate tiramisu.

4 thoughts on “Prince George, Canada

  1. Haha your trip report is funny to read. Always take control of eating matter when you know the others don’t got good taste ^^;; The Moxie’s dessert seems good! Bellini is the orange cocktail right?

    Gosh those donuts….yuckkk…..really, if ever eat donuts, only eat Krispy Creme’s! (the one you had in Las Vegas, remember?)

  2. Yeah Bellini is the orangy one. It is actually quite strong, or I haven’t been drinking recently – got quite drunk after that, haha.

    Yes!!! I was trying to ask my uncle if he knows about that donut place we went in LA! But I couldn’t recall the name! Yes, Krispy Creme!! When my sister told me Tim Hortons’ donuts were nice, I expected Krispy creme standard and I was so disappointed! Even Mister donuts is better than Tim Hortons, but Tim Hortons are EVERYWHERE, only beaten by Starbucks in terms of no. of chain shops. Argh!


  4. That’s what I thought too, the western food pics, plus all English comments…^^;;;;

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