Petit Bave (プティ・バーブ)

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Chocolate chip pound cake. Butter and vanilla beans cookie. Almond cookie. The cookies are really good~~

6 thoughts on “Petit Bave (プティ・バーブ)

  1. cookies!
    I’ve been craving cookies.
    the ones I find in Japan are all beautiful and delicate…which is fine, but I wonder if I can find those chunky American-type cookies *`▽‘*

  2. Freda>
    Yeah, this cake shop is the bistro’s spin-off. The maple syrup tart I had in the bistro, you can buy in the cake shop next door too. The cookies are better than the cakes I think~

    Starbucks is your only choice maybe….^^;;;
    Hey I found biscotti in this cake shop, I was wondering if I should get it for you, but I can eat it now??

  3. The cafe right across the street of where I worked have these giant biscotti that are almost size like a torch light, wider than the rim of a regular coffee cup, I wonder who eat those? ^^;;;

  4. seat> yeah, I’ve been cheating a lot lately on my healthy eating so I really shouldn’t but I’d eat it!

    freda> I was going crazy because I was having a hard time finding biscotti in Tokyo.
    cappuccino just isn’t complete without them…

    there’s biscotti wider than coffee cup??
    so about 3inches wide??
    can you take a pic of it? ^o^

  5. tomoko, I will bring the biscotti(small ones though!!) to you next time I see you yo~~

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