11 thoughts on “焼肉家

  1. oh, I see what you were saying!!
    if I didn’t know, I would have been confused if you had 3lunches in a day (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) ^^;;;

    the food looks good though 😀

  2. A bit expensive though, this place! Now I think about it, you can probably eat yakiniku, as long as it is not たれ, but 塩?

  3. hmmm~~ cold noodle~~yum!!
    Was it expensive because you gals order luxury meat? Looks like lots of fat in the meat! O.O

  4. We didn’t order the most expensive fatty beef! The “normal standard” karubi is 1000yen per plate, and we ordered….1 mixed meat, 1 pork, 3 karubi(the fatty beef), 2 beers, 1 big cold noodles, it came to 8000yen.

  5. btw, some of the category archives are adding up, and I still haven’t figure out how to split pages. In the mean time, maybe you can add new cateogry, like ‘Other Area 2″, “Pan and Cake 2”..etc.

  6. Yeah of course we finished everything – it was not much!

    Hmm….but if I add “Other area 2” now, I will need to change all the entries one by one when/if we figure out how to split pages. I am thinking of taking away the option of clicking the “catergory archive” and only allow people to click “monthly archive” which is more manageable…

  7. Oh, or have something like yours, just displaying the titles in a list rather than the actual entries.

  8. Actually now I kinda want categorize according to genre (in addition to area categories)…sigh dunno how to do that

  9. There must be a way! I will look look as well. It is even more complicated for me cos once I save a entry, all the Japanese characters turn into symbols, and it is a nightmare to find the right entry when I want to edit it…^^;;;

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