Gioacchino Rossini (ジョアッキーノ・ロッシーニ)

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Bread(2 kinds:cereal and onion) were warm but had a strange crispy texture. Appetizer was marinated hon-masu – a fish similar to salmon. Quite nice! There were two small slices of cheese on the plate too.
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060417 039.jpgPasta was ravioli, both the sauce and the stuffing were made of prawn and crab, and the pasta seemed to be made of whole-grain, looked brown and had a slightly rough texture, which I really liked! The sauce was slightly salty but also very nice. The waitor brought a sample plate of different pasta for me to choose, most of them were in shapes that I had never seen! Dessert plate was apple tart, pudding and pineapple ice, tasted so-so. I went on a weekday lunch, and there were only me and 4 other customers…maybe because the restaurant is in a rather quiet area, quite far to walk even from the nearest station.
Gioacchino Rossini

3 thoughts on “Gioacchino Rossini (ジョアッキーノ・ロッシーニ)

  1. Though I’m not a whole grain fan (but I know a lot ppl loves it), that sounds nice. It’s not as smooth? Maybe the texutre in the bread was the whole grain?

  2. パスタ、とっても良さそうね~!!見たことない種類がいっぱいあるなんてステキ☆行きたい!!

  3. やっこさん>

    You don’t like whole-grain?? Whole-grain pasta is not as smooth as flour pasta, but it is nice and addictive in its own way – I am not eating it for healthy sake, but actually like the taste! Oh the bread is white, I think, usually it is crispy outside and soft inside, but this one is crispy and dry throughout….probably over-baked… ^^::

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