Pomme de terre(ポムドテール@西荻窪)

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060424 014.jpgSuper popular bagel shop…I went there 15mins before the shop opened and there were already 12 people in the queue….oh my. I was planning to eat-in and also take-out, but then I was alone and got kinda panicky about whether I should get a seat first or buy the bread first or how can I do both at the same time…^^;;. But then the girl from the shop came out and asked everyone in the queue if they wanted eat-in or take-away, and miraculously most of the people just wanted to take-away, so I got a seat reserved immediately and I could get the bread first before sitting down….yet by the time it was my turn, the most popular item “miso bagel” was sold out! And 45 minutes after the shop opened, all the bagels were sold out….for the day!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!! The counter table in the second picture was lined up with bagels when I got in, but when I was still eating my lunch, only a few were left over, and yet people still kept coming and getting shocked about the sold-out. Anyway, the lunch was grilled chicken with bread-crumbs, and of course a freshly baked carrot bagel on the side. The chicken was so tender and nice, the vegetables fresh and sweet, and the bagel was crispy on the outside and chewy inside, incredibly yummy!! Also came with a cold potage and coffee, 1200yen. I wish I live nearby and can lunch here everyday!
Pomme de terre

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  1. シーさん一人で行ったんだ!?なぜに私をお誘いしてくれなかったの~(≧0≦)ポムのベーグル、食べてみたいベーグルNo.1なの~!!ここのランチもすっごく好評だしね~

  2. ははは~ごめんね。

  3. 待ちますよ~☆

  4. Wow the line is crazy! The bagel are really that good huh? So when sold out for the day within an hour, the whole place will just shut down? Shouldn’t the kitchen would keep on baking new ones (assume they would have large stock of supplies). Though it is a marketing strategies to keep the supplies limited, make people wanting more (and more legend-making)!

  5. Freda>
    Apparently only one girl is making the bagels and it is impossible for her to produce more, also she is happy that her bagels are sold out everyday and not gone to waste lo. This place is not a bakery but a cafe, only that the bagels got so famous and ended up overshadowing the cafe. I like the cafe lunch very much though!


  6. 1人で待つってより、

  7. Sounds respectable that they don’t ‘mass produced’ their famous bagels!

  8. Oh have Joan told you? This friend of hers used to open a bagel shop in LA, but being too idealistic he wanted it to be ‘authentic’ and respectable and offer only the highest quality (like they only use water from New York to make their bagel, etc.), which is of course a severe burden to their production cost and eventually close down. The sad thing is, most people in LA probably can’t tell what’s really good bagel as we were spoiled by chained cafe /starbucks’s machine mass produced ones.

  9. Oh that friend of Joan’s sounds so Japanese – must use water from here and here, must use flour from there and there…^^;; But then Japanese customers appreciate products that are particular in every details…probably not Americans!

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