Pâtisserie Atelier de Rêve Boutique Mont-Blanc (ブティックモンブラン)

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New open cake shop in Ikebukuro yeah! Marron mont blanc, 450yen. With coffee, +230yen. It is marron cream, on top of fresh cream, on top of marron, on top of a tart with pastry crumbs around. Not a big fan of meringue so glad that there isn’t any. The taste of the marron doesn’t stand out but overall quite good. The tart is slightly sticky, I like!
More photos: 1, 2.
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“Tanba” chestnut mont blanc. I can’t resist anything labelled “limited sale”…^^;; The chestnut is much richer than the Marron mont blanc I had last time. Though instead of a very nice tart, the bottom part of this one is a slightly soggy biscuit.
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Taro Mont Blanc. Framboise Mont Blanc.
The taro cream is good, with cream and chocolate sponge cake underneath. The framboise one is a bit sweet, with sponge cake, cream and raspberry mousse underneath.
Pâtisserie Atelier de Rêve Boutique Mont-Blanc

7 thoughts on “Pâtisserie Atelier de Rêve Boutique Mont-Blanc (ブティックモンブラン)

  1. アトリエ・ド・リーブのモンブラン専門店!?

  2. リーブのケーキ食べたことある?


  3. ケーキもパンもない、、、


  4. カイザーとユーハイムのマロン入りのパンは何回も食べたよ~

  5. Mont Blanc Specialty shop!? That’s insane~ Do they have other kinds of Marron theme dessert or just that one in your photo?
    Looks like it’s inside a station or department store?

  6. ケンはよくパン好きさんのブログで出てくるね~

  7. やっこさん>

    They have different kinds of Mont Blanc, the one I had was marron, they also have sweet potato Mont Blanc, raspberry Mont Blanc, pumpkin Mont Blanc…etc. It is inside a big mall called Sunshine City. The new Maison Kayser I blogged about is in it too.

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