Ristorante da Nino (リストランテ・ダ・ニーノ@乃木坂)

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Lunch at a much hyped Sicilian restaurant.
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Cute tableware. The homemade bread is very good.
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築地直送、本日のカルパッチョ(鱒) パンテッレリア産ケーパー。
パスタ: ボンゴレビアンコ。
Trout carpaccio with caper.
Sarde a beccaficu: stuffed sardines with breadcrumbs.
Baked omelette with broccoli.
Vongole Bianco. Tastes a bit boring, great al dente though.
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お魚料理: 真鯛のオレンジソテー。
デザート: ズッパイングレーゼ。
Fish: Red sea bream saute with orange. Rather bland…
Dessert: Zuppa Inglese.
Special lunch course is 3800yen. A glass of champagne and mineral water, came up to 5200yen. The Japanese waitress is friendly and helpful, even split the bill for each of us without our asking(some of us ordered different courses). The Italian manager however is a bit of a snob. The decor is cute but quite cramp inside. A bit overpriced given the quality. I guess someone has to pay for the posh location.
Ristorante da Nino

7 thoughts on “Ristorante da Nino (リストランテ・ダ・ニーノ@乃木坂)

  1. Hey Hey merry xmas~~
    hope you’re enjoying the holidays so far! (and can’t wait to see your amazing christmas dinner)

    Those small bowls are so cute! Seems quite stingy on the clams though. The appetizer looks great but the entree does look bland (kinda American-ish?)! 5200 yen is a bit pricey.

  2. Merry Christmas~
    I have been enjoying eating out with friends in the name of Christmas. ^^;;
    Yeah, stingy on the ingredients and not much taste too. This place is pretty famous and popular, wonder why. Maybe dinner is better.

  3. Merry Christmas~~
    Cute plates! XD I never tried a Sicilian restaurant before, like Arancini is a siciliian’s specialty. The Pasta and fish looks like they could be Italian, maybe some difference in cooking ingredients~

  4. 魚見て、話を思い出して笑っちゃった~

  5. やっこさんの「蛋白質だよ蛋白質」ってコメントも笑えるよ(笑)

    Merry Christmas!
    Sicilian food is mostly Italian food but uses more seafood I guess? ^^;; Good review here. So orange sauce is a Sicilian specialty….

  6. 「たんぱく」って多分こっちの「淡泊」

  7. そうだったの?!!!

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