Restaurant Cherive (シェリーヴ@目白)

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Have been trying to go to this French restaurant for lunch twice by myself but both times I was turned away because it was full even I went on weekdays. So I booked in advance and dragged a friend to go with me. Like before, it was packed, with many happy and loud ladies.
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061223 091サバのタルタル仕立てのリエット。
Rillette of mackerel and tomato and black olives. Tastes just like tuna.
Platinum pork simmered in tomato and curry. Mashed potato and lentils underneath. Very yoshoku-feel. Curry taste non-existent.
Apple tart with mango ice-cream.
Food is a bit mediocre. Very cheap though – lunch course is 2000yen. Glass wine is 500yen~.
Lunch menu here(Japanese).
Restaurant Cherive

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