Apicius (アピシウス)

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Lunch at a luxurious “Grand Maison”(I wonder if this is a Japanese term?). 8000yen lunch course.
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殻入りスクランブルエッグ キャビアと雲丹のハーモニー。
小笠原産 海亀のコンソメスープ(+1900円)。
Scrambled egg stuffed in eggshell with caviar and sea urchin. Maybe a little too filling for a starter.
Ogasawara green sea turtle consomme soup(+1900yen). This is a chef’s specialty that my friend requested to add to the course. Nice smell. Particular taste. Good for skin apparently.
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060108 039手長海老と冬のきのこ カネロニ仕立て。
狩猟鴨のビトック サルミソース。
Cannellonis of scamp and mushrooms. The sauce is made from prawn. Quite good.
“Bitoke” of hunted bird with salmis sauce. If I had known that Bitoke meant hamburger I would have chosen a different course. ^^;; The paste on the side is chestnut.
5 different wagon desserts for you to choose. Normally they don’t serve “a bit of everything”, but the restaurant was quite empty that day so they made an exception. Mango mousse is nice.
This week’s lunch menu here.

6 thoughts on “Apicius (アピシウス)

  1. そんなことないよ~

  2. My goodness what a luxurious lunch~ Scrambled egg stuffed in eggshell with caviar and sea urchin — oh with sea urchin, that’s so good!

    The turtle soup…is it something like…龜苓膏!?? ^^;;;

    I did a search and found that..Bitoke is hungarian meatballs…^^;; I would never know that…

  3. Oh I only found out from my friend later that Ogasawara sea turtles are endangered species…so that soup is expensive for a reason. Plus the traditional French way of preparing consomme soup is complicated and time-consuming. Guess I shouldn’t compare it with the cheap chinese turtle soup which I never liked anyway. Also, speculation is that the hamburger is probably made from the leftover trimmings of gibier meat used for dinner courses, hence you get a taste of the otherwise expensive gibier at a cheaper lunch course. Makes sense to me…but the idea of eating hamburger, no matter what the meat is, in a expensive French restaurant is just a little hard to accept. Probably what my friend said was right, if you go to an expensive restaurant, don’t order the cheapest course. ^^;;;

  4. Oh, that soup…^^;; I can’t remember how that taste like. Wow I didn’t know French cooked turtle soup too…

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