R style by 両口屋是清

Cream cheese “Kinto” with red bean paste inside.

Amiyaki Dango: grilled Japanese rice dumpling(you do it yourself). Dipped in sweet soy sauce or red bean.
Both of the sweets are good. Japanese green tea is about 500yen and you can ask for hot-water refill and sit there for hours.

This cafe is produced by a traditional Japanese wagashi shop.
R style is on the top floor of Omotesando Hills.

3 thoughts on “R style by 両口屋是清

  1. So strange to see properly sit down chichi cafe for eating dango only~~ ^^;; How grilled is consider good? That’s supposed to add a crispy surface and…?

  2. You can get dango in many wagashi shops but freshly grilled dango is quite rare. The little flame was not strong so it took a long time, but it was fun to see the dango “burst” under the heat. Yeah it is crispy on the surface, very nice!

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