Osteria Nakamura

ハーブ風味の豚耳入りソーセージ。 牛ホホ肉とレンズ豆の焼きテリーヌ。
Herb sausage with pig ear. Grilled terrine of cow cheek and lentil.
Homemade pasta with crab and leek.
里芋とベーコンあえ リガトーニ。猪と栗のラグー。
Rigatoni with Satoimo taro and bacon .
Wild boar and chestnut in Ragu sauce(Very good!).
Simmered pork with cabbage and potato. Lamb cutlet.
Panna Cotta(caramel ice-cream on the side is very good). Baba.

Hazelnut and Ricotta cheese cake.
“Bonet” – Piemonte pudding with cocoa and Amaretto liqueur.

This casual Italian is very near Tokyo Midtown – it is on a backstreet a bit off the main road so you really need a proper map to find it. I was a bit surprised it was packed on a Sunday evening. Very nice atmosphere with the open kitchen and the bustling staff – the madam who serves us most of the time is friendly and has a sense of humour! We sat in the table but the counter seats look like fun as the chef stands big and tall right behind the counter and you can really watch him at work.

I read in some reviews that the portion is quite big and the madam also suggested 4 of us to share 7 dishes and said that should be enough, so we had 2 apetitizers, 3 pasta and 2 main dishes(we split the food ourselves). Though the portion didn’t turn out as big as I thought(I mean for sharing). I wanted to order more but the food came quite slowly and it was getting late by the time we finished the main dishes. The 3 pasta we chose were all very nice – I wish I could eat more than a mouthful of each though(If you are a big eater like me, order one dish from each course!). For appetizers, I liked the sausage more than the beef terrine. For main dishes, I liked the pork more than the lamb cutlet. I had spumante, a glass of wine and a cappuccino and it was about 7000yen.

Part of the menu: 1, 2. (Check out the restaurant’s homepage for the whole regular and seasonal menu)

Osteria Nakamura (オステリアナカムラ)
Add: 2F, Roppongi 7-6-5, Mintato-ku
Tel: 03-3403-8777

2 thoughts on “Osteria Nakamura

  1. Yeah the portion doesn’t look big enough for sharing, especially for Italian food that’s meant for family style. The pasta sauce all sound special and yummy! That lamb cutlet looks good for some reason too, because it’s breaded like those Taiwawnese kind~

    Does most Japanese phones have GPS/3G? I imagine it’d help a lot in dense city like Tokyo.

  2. The lamb cutlet smells a bit too strong for me~ Yeah I also think Italian should be hearty portion/family-sharing style but in Japan it is all like fine dining with elegant portion.

    Japanese phones have GPS, but I hate using it – difficult to find the restaurant by name, difficult to see the map in the tiny screen etc.

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