March 23, 2006


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Can't recall what the small appetizer was, some terrine. ^^;;
Appetizer is trout(I think), marinated and skin lightly grilled. Not my favourite kind of fish but this is quite good, and MASSIVE like a main course.
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Fried prawn and small potato gratin that come with the course. Both are yummy!
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Roasted lamb, in black olive sauce. It was shockingly horrible....too rare and bloody, yet rough and hard. I asked the waitress if it was undercooked but she said it was the intended "rare" condition....I felt rather sick halfway. My friend who ordered roasted beef complained it was too red and yet not tender at all. Now I recall, I have had roasted lamb in this restaurant before and it was just as bad! I completely forgot about that otherwise I wouldn't have ordered it again. Roasted beef/lamb are bad choices, the safest is probably "yoshoku" type of menu, like stewed beef, hamburger, croquette, which I have tried(e.g. here) and were very good. Well this place is more yoshoku than French anyway.

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The fish was definitely the highlight!

seat | March 23, 2006 09:38 PM

I've had very 'rare' lamb that are so tough and tongue-hurting before, I always wonder if they knew the quality is bad especially if it's cooked. "Black Olive sauce" sounds good (and Italian)~ Fried prawn is def. yoshoku ^^;; The fish appertizer looks like a main course!

Freda | March 23, 2006 11:15 AM