August 22, 2006

LA BETTOLA per tutti (ラ・ベットラ ペル トゥッティ@日本橋)

060819 003.jpg060819 006.jpg
Oven aubergine and mozzarella. Uni spaghetti.
060819 012.jpg060819 015.jpg
Spare rib. Bitter chocolate cake.
I have been to the original restaurant and its sister restaurant, which are only a few minutes' walk away from each other. Both were very good, especially the uni spaghetti. There is also a branch in Shinjuku which I had lunch before and was no good, and they didn't have Uni spaghetti in the lunch menu. A friend tried to book the original restaurant but she was told that the seats were fully booked for 2 months...even the sister restaurant was an impossible wait. So we tried the newly opened branch in bears the exact same name as the no-good one in Shinjuku, and I wasn't expecting high...turned out it really was no good. ^^;; The worst was my spare rib, so hard and rough! The uni spaghetti was okay, not too much uni taste and quite watery...
LA BETTOLA per tutti

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Yeah thicker and richer uni taste~

seat | August 23, 2006 11:48 PM


やっこ | August 23, 2006 07:28 PM

The uni spaghetti from the original store entry looks much thicker~ (so many branches ^^;;)

Freda | August 23, 2006 05:35 PM