June 19, 2007


ホロホロ鳥のパン粉焼き 悪魔風、¥1000。
From many lunches.
Pork shoulder loin in curry sauce. So-so.
Grilled guinea fowl with breadcrumb, "devil-style"(curry taste ^^;;;). Very good!
Fried anago tartare sauce. It is massive!! Very good.
Menchi-katsu. Juicy inside and crispy outside.
Chicken breast saute, mushroom sauce. Too healthy-tasting for me...
Roasted duck with mustard sauce. Okay.
ミックスフライ タルタルソース添え、¥1300。
Mixed fried shrimp/scallop/crab cream croquette. Good.
Chicken and clam saute, basil sauce. Good.
仏産鶏の香草パン焼き 青豆ブレゼ添え、¥1000。
Grilled chicken with breadcrumb, green beans brasier. Very good.
Roated lamb with mushroom and basil sauce. Bad.
Long queue on weekday lunch time! Must go no later than 11:30am when it opens for lunch. For weekend lunch and dinner, you can reserve in advance.

Yoshoku-style deep-fried stuff are all good, the two grilled chicken with breadcrumb are good, but big chunks of red meat(pork, lamb, and duck also) are not so recommended...usually too rare and impossible to cut or chew despite its softness, UNLESS it is made into a stew like the beef here, which is only available at night and weekends. Weekday lunch menu usually has 3 deep-fried seafood sets(Mixed-fry, Fried Anago, Fried prawn), 1 meat cutlet choice(A lunch), 1 bistro-style meat choice(B lunch), and beef curry. Lunch A and B change everyday.
Past entries: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Restaurant Shichijo 七條
Shougakkan Bldg.
2-3-1 Hitotsubashi
Chiyoda-ku, Japan 101-0003

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Thanks. The words in Japanese are just the menu, which I have already translated to English.

The chef of this yoshoku place used to work in a famous French restaurant so well, he can cook French, but it is his yoshoku menu that really stands out I think. Yeah I go there often because its location is convenient(right next to A8 exit of Jimbocho station), and you get to eat a French main dish for only 1,000yen!

seat | June 22, 2007 06:08 PM

nice pictures!
but the words in Japanese is hard for me ~~

wow power leveling | June 21, 2007 06:41 PM

Strange to see those gourmet looking steak with deep fried cutlets together, seems like coming from two different restaurants...^^;; Yet turns out the steak aren't good, the fried things are better. Is this place close to your work place? Why do you go back so often?

Freda | June 21, 2007 04:37 AM