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July 6, 2011 Off

Turkish food Overview

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Prior to the trip I didn’t know much about Turkish food since there aren’t much Turkish restaurants here in Los Angeles. Due to the expansion of the Ottoman Empire in history, there are lots of culinary crossovers with the Balkins, Middle East and the Caucasus so a lot of the dishes and flavors tasted familiar. Basically […]


June 28, 2011 1

2 weeks in Turkey (Part 2)

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It was nice to take a break from the buzzling Istanbul and see the more rural side of Turkey. Southeastern Turkey: Mt Nemrut: It was definitely worth waking up very early in the morning to climb to the top of a mountain to see scattered giant ancient stone heads against sunrise. The climb to the […]


June 23, 2011 2

2 weeks in Turkey (Part 1)

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We spent two weeks in Turkey for our honeymoon last month, a trip I’ve been planning for quite some time. It’s interesting that when we told others about Turkey, the responses often were “cool! they have pretty nice beaches there right?” Yes yes, they have very nice beaches in Turkey but they’re less of a […]


November 7, 2010 Off

Sacred Sand Bed and Breakfast (Joshua Tree)

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Soon after the wedding, my husband and I had a pre-honeymoon getaway to Joshua Tree National Park to recharge and rejuvenate. We stayed at the Sacred Sand Bed and Breakfast for 2 nights and we had an amazing time. The room was wonderful and the best part is the nice patio with hot tub and […]

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February 5, 2010 4

Shilin Night market (Taipei)

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Even though I had gotten a little tired of Taiwanese food at that point I still wanted to check out Shilin Night Market, the largest and most well known night market in Taipei.  It’s a short walking distance from the MTR station (though it’s not at the Shilin station…it’s 2 or 3 stops before it), […]

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