November 13, 2004 4

Cafe Midi (La Brea)

By in 09: Weho

DSC01312.jpgDSC01314.jpgDSC01316.jpgThis French cafe is within a home decor store (an extension of American Rag Cie, a hip vintage + new clothes shop, which is right next door). I was confused at first because I saw people eating outside but when I went over to the door to check the menu, all I saw were bunch of home decor stuffs. Then we caught up with a waiter who brought us all the way inside the very end of store then I see the cafe. It’s weird that the store items surrounded our table too.

DSC01318.jpgThe bread is very yummy, fresh and soft.

DSC01320.JPGDSC01325.jpg Croque- Monsieur $9.95 Croque-monsieur is basically French cheese sandwich with ham, there are different kinds on the menu, the one I ate has prosciutto and blue cheese, a combine I always like, delicious!

DSC01321.jpgDSC01322.jpgThese are my friends, Steak $12.95 forgot excat name, it smells very good! Chinese chicken salad $9.95 Doesn’t look too good…I wouldn’t order something generic fusion like this at a french place myself.

The place was playing Le pop 2! Seems like there are many interesting and unqiue stuffs on the menu that sound yummy, I would definitely go back to try more, especially the dessert!

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4 Responses to “Cafe Midi (La Brea)”

  1. seat says:

    The place looks quite bright and modern, hey, there is stuff from “Dean & Deluca! It is from NY but somehow the actual company’s name is Japanese…I just went for lunch in D&D cafe here last week and it wasn’t very good. ^^;; But they rotate and sell bread/pastry from different shops so quite convenient sometimes.

    Actually that chinese chicken salad looks curious…not that I will order it given the choice….come on there is no salad in chinese food. ^^;;

    Oh I love Le pop2 too! Looping it now in fact. Last week I was looping Antics non-stop for countless no. of times! So good! Really love Public Pervert. But I can’t quite distinguish one song from another cos they sound very similar…(same happened for their first album too)^^;; Still excellent though! And sometimes they remind me of David Bowie. Oh btw The Real Tuesday Weld’s first song reminds me soooo much of Guniw Tools…^^;;;

  2. Freda says:

    Chinese salad is a pure American invention, ^^lll it’s just regular salad recipe added peanut sauce and crispy wonton thingy.

    Oh I read the website, seems like D&D was a New York boutique then a Japanese corp invested in it and turn it into international big business.

    Me too…I can’t quite tell Interpol songs apart for both albums either ^^||| I gave up figuring out which album was it from whenever they played a song in the live. Yeah they remined me sometimes of Bauhaus too. David Bowie, Joy Division, Bauhaus…they influenced one another so ha no surprise Interpol sound alike them all ^^;;; (B-T could lump along this web too ^^;;). I know which Real Tuesday Weld song you talked about coz I was thinking of the same thing. ^^:;

  3. Joan says:

    Does that mean our music taste really hasn’t change all that much? ^^;;

  4. seat says:

    Oh our music taste definitely has changed, that’s for sure. But it is true that the first time I was seriously listening to music was that Jrock phase and that gave me a predisposition from then onwards that I become more sensitive to music that is similar. But one definite change is I can’t stand crappy screaming indies anymore. ^^;;;