October 15, 2007 2

Le Jardin de Varenne (Paris: Musee Rodin)

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Back to LA! Now we can speed up our Paris Food report.

DSC04714.jpgSince we tried to get our touristy things done, it was difficult to plan every lunch from our lists of to-try restaurants. A lot of our lunches ended up in museum cafeterias or crepe stand for convenience. There’re some pleasant surprise such as this cafeteria inside the beautiful garden of Musee Rodin.

Every item in the deli display are beautifully plated. Good Prosciutto Salad and Fig Puffs (also got a bottle of Rose). They also have a lot of gelatos. It’s a beautiful place to spend a quiet afternoon. If weren’t for our tight touristy schedule, I’d love to hang out here as long as I can.

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2 Responses to “Le Jardin de Varenne (Paris: Musee Rodin)”

  1. seat says:

    Salad looks good! What is the green thing on the fig puff?

    Whenever friends from overseas come to Japan, I always have to struggle between taking them to my favourite restaurants which are usually far from touristy areas, or letting them have more time to do sight-seeing and shopping and just eat whatever available on the road.

  2. Freda says:

    Yes this is the constant dilemma we have. ^^;; But now at least I got that done, my next Paris trip (whenever it will be) won’t get tied.