November 21, 2004 6

Pho 79 (Alhambra)

By in 01: San Gabriel

DSC01369.jpgDSC01370.jpgSalty Plum with Soda $1.50.
Shrimp cake vermicelli noodle $5.50. Very delicious! The Salty Plum drink is one of my absolute favorite, can’t get enough of it!

DSC01372.JPGDSC01367.jpgBeef Ball Soup $4.25 The Beef ball is pretty good (I’ve had better). Caramel Flan $1.25. Flan is fake tasting (like the kind you make from Package from supermarket).

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6 Responses to “Pho 79 (Alhambra)”

  1. seat says:

    What did you eat the vermicelli with? The chilli sauce on the side? Salty plum with soda is popular here too but there is usually sake in it. No noodles in the beef ball soup? Looks good though.

  2. tina says:

    i remember you ordered the same dish when you first took me there. . . man that was like almost 2 years ago!!!!

    i went to amoeba over the weekend hunting for some CDs. didnn’t really find the stuff i was looking for, but i took your suggestion and brought le pop 2. i was so happy when i found out that samba de mon coeur qui bat was on there. for the longest time i was trying to find out who sing that song !!! happy discovery!!!!! i had that song on tape and played it in my car for the longest time (i don’t have cd player in my car), no w i can go out and find her CDs. . . . thank you XD!!

  3. Freda says:

    The sauce is like those water-down Vietnamese fish sauce, light and not chilli at all.

    Oh Tina you like that song by Coralie Clement? I have her CD that I could lent you/burn CD if you want. I like Benjamin Biolay a lot, he’s Clement’s brother and he wrote all the music for her. He’s a contemporary ‘autuer’ musician who’s influenced by Serge Gainsboug (who’s my idol ^^;;; in fact ppl called Biolay this generation Serge, hmm..I’m not so sure…). He also wrote music for this other girl called Keran Ann whom I like a lot too, she’s like a more womanly mature and subtle version of Coralie Clement. I can borrow her CD to you too.

  4. Joan says:

    Yeah I can burn a copy of Coralie Clement’s album to you~~

    Haha I barely remember that I took you to that pho place. That probably was the last time I was there too (I used to go there a lot with Tomoko when we’re in ArtCenter because we love Vietnamese food a lot). We went there because the toy/art show was just right around the corner!

    How’s Salty plum with sake taste like?

  5. tina says:

    ohhh, that will be so great if i can borro/burn from yours!!!! when i found out the song was sang by Coralie , i turned around and went back to amoeba to find her album. . . but i can’t find any at the store (wonder if i am looking at the right place). . . if i can also borrow Benjamin Biolay and Serge’s cd . . . (XD so happy!!!) i also like Charles Trenet, Les Escrocs (especially Assedic), and some of Eartha kitt’s music too!!!

  6. Freda says:

    I just imagine salty plum with rum…yum~~~

    Tina, Coralie Clement CD is locate at the French section under her name card. But yeah they ran out fast…^^;;