December 3, 2004 3

Ramenya (Sawtelle)

By in 12: Sawtelle

DSC01520.jpgFinally went out to lunch today! We met up with a friend who’s working in a nearby studio in Sawtelle for some Asian food!  Kim-Chee Ramen $6.56 Well…it’s generic ramen with 30-something soup and flavors…not authentic but it’s the west side…

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3 Responses to “Ramenya (Sawtelle)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh so you do go out for lunch. Kimchi ramen…is the kimchi authentic-tasting – spicy and strong taste and not sweet?

  2. Ramenya is one of my favorite ramen houses on the westside!

  3. Freda says:

    The kimchi are authentic kind, with so many Korean people here you can’t get away with fake ones ^^;; My mouth taste/smell horrible for the rest of the day though. btw I love Kimchi and korean food, so great for winter.