December 12, 2004 5

Bistro L’Hermitage (Culver City)

By in 13: Culver City


We found Bistro L’Hermitage, a very nice non-fusion French restaurant there. It’s causal, non-expensive nor pretentious, and open at lunch even on the weekend! It was a beautiful day so we sit outside (so the interior pix is taken from outside through a glass).


Beside butter, the bread comes with whole jars of Jams! (3 flavors: Peach, strawberry and Grape). Ice tea, and Illy coffee (great!)

DSC01668.jpgDuck Pate Salad $8.00 Yummy!

DSC01666.jpg Lamb chop with potato gratin $15.00 really GOOD! I had it super rare, which did frightened me a bit at one point…”it is kinda raw isn’t it?” ^^;;;

DSC01670.jpgPear Tart $5.65 So-so…

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5 Responses to “Bistro L’Hermitage (Culver City)”

  1. seat says:

    This place looks so nice so casual and comfortable! The bread has nuts and fruits in it? Looks good. You told the chef that you wanted your lamb super rare?? Too bad the pear tart was just so-so, otherwise it would have been perfect! Was it too dry? Too hard?

  2. Joan says:

    Hey! How’s HK so far?!
    The pear tart is good, just a bit plain tasting. I should try their other ones, the chocolate mousee cake looks yummy!

  3. seat says:

    HK is the same old HK, but this time I find it harder to fit in, I don’t know why, like I feel very stressed all the time because it is so noisy here – people talking loudly on mobile phones, construction work, cars etc. And everyone is so busy, mobile phone ringing every 5 minutes, 3 appointments in different places in one night, even I got called at 10pm for drinks, when I was already in my PJ…I was like, what about the last train home(v. Japanese worries ^^;;;), but of course taxi is cheap here so I took taxi home. It is worse because the busiest time is over for me and I am on a holiday now, yet everyone around me is still so busy that I feel like I am doing nothing, too much free time, very 閑人 you know. Like waiting for my friends to go out for dinner is the only thing I am looking forward to….it is weird, and quite stressful mentally. ^^;;;; The first few days I kept regretting that I am staying for too long and seriously wish I could go back to Japan sooner. ^^;;;;; Well, I guess I could read and watch movies and even work(brought some work stuff just in case)….how sad. Hope it would get better when I get used to the life-style here…

  4. Freda says:

    But isn’t Tokyo every bit as busy, noisy and crowded as HK? ^^;;; (gosh you mean HK is far worst?? maybe because it’s x’mas time so extra ppl out for shopping and entertainment). Haha you’re in holiday now you are a 閑人…gosh don’t work la~~ How’s x’mas in HK now? Is it still the same with the lights on skyscrapper? That’s one aspect I missed HK. Imagine my culture shock if it were me who went back…

  5. seat says:

    Yeah HK is much nosier and busier than Tokyo – I think it is the personality of the people, like HK people tend to hurry for no particular reason and they are intrinsically impatient and very loud. ^^;;;; Oh Christmas illuminations are up now, of course fireworks on New Year too. But you know Christmas is big but not that big as Chinese NY in HK.