December 15, 2004 1

Bistro du Soleil (Playa del Rey)

By in 14: Marina del Rey

DSC01693.jpgDSC01697.jpgNearby my office (less than 20 steps), there’s a cute casual French restaurant~~ It reminded me of this, small little family business. It’s on a slope. I LOVE the interior, the wood walls, mirrors, menus written on glass windows…so beautiful~~ *_*

DSC01699.jpgDSC01700.jpgVegetable Crepe $7.50 and Creme Brulee $5 But the food is no good -,- The Veggie crepe is too normal. My god that’s the sweetest creme brulee I have in my life.

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One Response to “Bistro du Soleil (Playa del Rey)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh what a shame that the food was no good, they look good on pics though. Maybe simple stuff like sandwich or salad would be better.