April 27, 2005 2

La Conversation (West Hollywood)

By in 09: Weho

DSC03362.jpgDSC03369.jpgDSC03371.jpgIt took us awhile to find this place at West Hollywood. Exterior and Interior are a bit overcompensate with the “French-ness” ^^;; They’re a casual dining place with all-day breakfast menu, sandwiches for lunch and rather expensive entree for dinner. Though we went there for dessert and it was disappointing. -__-;;; There’s only the cabinet display where you point and choose, and they are all rough looking. The dome mousse one was very bad and the sugar puff one was alright. They were playing Cuban music…so not fit…

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2 Responses to “La Conversation (West Hollywood)”

  1. seat says:

    The dessert is so not French!!! Should just have sandwich or something. ^^;;

  2. Freda says:

    I know…arrrrghhh just really can’t trust any pastry shop here even if they’re recommended.