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Anjue (Korea Town)

By in 07: Mid-Wilshire

I found this restaurant from flipping through ads on local free Japanese papers. “A new hip western restaurant in Korea Town” it saids. So we went there and were pleasantly surprised by how NICE it is. Beef Curry Set $10 It came with that big bowl of delicious salad. It also came with housemade pickled radish, quite spicy. The beef is very tender, curry very flavored and yummy. Ooooh so satisfied.


Bolognese Spaghetti $9 Even it’s simple bolognese it is so pretty, with asparagus. 😀 The peach juice is freshly squeezed~ Their non-alcoholic drinks are average $6+, quite $$$. They have a dinner entree menu that is actually appertizer (Fried Oyster, etc), most are quite pricey ($14+). Overall the food’s great, I can’t wait to come back to their other stuffs.


It is located in the midst of the commercial area of Wilshire (nearby Wiltern), when I turn my car into the alley and found its casual upscale elegant exterior I was, “wooo that looked promising.” It has a nice French patio and classical French interior.

Anjue (213)-382-0059
Japanese Western
618 S. Serrano Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90005

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4 Responses to “Anjue (Korea Town)”

  1. seat says:

    Looks really stylish indeed! So basically it is Japanese-styled 洋食 but since it is in Korean town with many Korean customers so it serves Kimchi as side dish, yet the interior is French style…kinda confusing but cool! ^^;;;;

  2. Freda says:

    Yeah the food are like most basic Japanese 101. Like Napolitan. ^^;; Sitting at the patio somehow reminds me of Tokyo, might be because of the metropolitan downtown surrounding…despite customers were all chattering in Koreans…^^;;;

  3. seat says:

    btw, I heard from a Korean friend that Koreans eat kimchi with curry….not cook together but like how Japanese put pickles in their curry.

  4. Freda says:

    Went back here on Sunday night and it’s no good! X( On Sunday their kitchen is closed or something and they can only make 3 items from the entire menu and the head chef was not in!! Don’t go there on Sunday!