June 4, 2005 3

Vienna Cafe (Toronto: Queen St.)

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DSC03970.jpgDSC03979.jpgAfter a day of dismal tourist food, we found this cute little cafe on Queen St. for breakfast (FINALLY!!! XO). All the cups and plates are hand painted by themselves, so cute~~

DSC03967.jpgDSC03971.jpgInterior is tiny and old with vintage furnitures, cute jars and contemporary French indie rock covers of Serge Gainsbourg songs in the background. Obviously the place is not used to tourist at all, we totally threw the waitress off when she had to calculate the bill in US dollars ^^;;; a very nice customers helped us out with the calculation.

DSC03978.jpgDSC03972.jpgEggs with Lemon-dill cream and ham, sauteed potato and pepper on the side. The eggs are shaped like little whip cream, so cute~ it’s very good! 😀 The toast is a bit too burn and hard though.

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3 Responses to “Vienna Cafe (Toronto: Queen St.)”

  1. seat says:

    The food pic on the right is omelette, the left is also egg??(looks like cream and custard). The place looks very local indeed! The paint on the cup “damn good coffee” is so cute! Oh so you can use US dollars in Canada, that’s convenient.

  2. Freda says:

    Yeah the description is for the left pic (the omlette is too normal ^^;;). Yeah the cream and custard is really an egg (inside the egg yolk is semi-raw too~ the cream shaped contained it so well), and custard is the Lemon-dill cream sauce.
    I felt a bit ‘ugly Americans’ whenever I spent US dollars and gave them trouble to the at the cash-only non-touristy places. It’s ok in the Fall and tourist area. We just totally forgot to exchange currency. Sometimes when I paid with US dollars but get Canadian changes…so weird~

  3. seat says:

    Wow, the egg sounds really yummy!!

    You couldn’t change money there?? Can you use Canadian dollars in the US?