June 4, 2005 3

Taxali Show (Queen St.)

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DSC04013.jpgDSC04015.jpgIn Toronto, we even caught an art show~ Magic Pony Gallery on Queen street is part gallery part designer toys shops. It has a nice Blythe section (some of the limited edition ones cost $300!!!). So the show is called Taxali – The original Toy Monkey, The New Art Toy From Gary Taxali. Gary Taxali is known for vintage 20s commercial graphics inspired silk-screen pictures, I LOVE them~~ He was born in India and emigrated to Toronto. In the store they have quite a few of his prints for sell, most ranged from $30-60. We debated a long time wanting to buy one but then we can’t get over the fact some of the coolest ones were sold already. If we can’t have those then we’re not having it at all. ^^;;


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3 Responses to “Taxali Show (Queen St.)”

  1. seat says:

    wow, you are uploading quick. I like the way you arrange the pics~~

    Japanese words on the first pic?? Can recognise any meaning…

    Do they have the cool ones’ posters for sale?? Since they are prints, posters are just the same….and cheaper… ^^;;

  2. Freda says:

    You checked fast too~ ^^;;
    It’s so typical mid 90s for ‘hip’ western artists/designers to add some unrecognizable Japanese or Chinese to be “cool”…^^;;; Ah poster won’t be the same, not as cool…the prints (silkscreen) have the real texture. And I want to start owning some piece of art…well until I buy my own house someday…^^;;

  3. seat says:

    Yeah! Get a house soon~~~so that I have an excuse to visit you again~~~~