September 8, 2004 2

Monterey Bay & Carmel (Part 1)

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DSCF0260.jpgDSCF0261.jpgLast year at the Old Fisherman Wharf there were no sun and the weather was rainny and sky was grey, so I didn’t feel like I went to the sea/beach side. But this time, gosh the sky was so blue and clear, the killer sun was super hot…-__-;

Some cute restaurants and shops at the Whaft (almost every restaurant has a front counter selling “clam chowder in bread bowl” ^^;;). One of the main destination of the trip is to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I haven’t organize the photos yet.

When we reached Carmel, we were just in time for the sunset…
The beach is nice, much better than all the ones in LA. The sand is whiter, and I like how there’s those dark green trees all around it.

We stayed at Tradewind Inn, few blocks from the downtown and beach area. It was the only hotel with vacancy when I called for reservation the week before. You know…we were at Carmel for a fake-rural Europe experience, but instead we had to settle for a fake-Japanese Inn with Buddha fountain and zen stuffs ^^;; Look at that water thing in the room, we had to unplug it in order to go to sleep! There’s no air conditioning at the room too, and the bell boy claimed it’ll be very cold at night but it’s not true at all! At least they have really yummy free breakfast (very soft and lovely croissant~).

Scenary from 17-Mile Drive (along the coastline), it was so-so and there was a $8.50 admission fee…o_0;;;

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2 Responses to “Monterey Bay & Carmel (Part 1)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh nice pictures~~~~~

    The town looks pretty – it is a seaside resort kinda place, right? It seems so crowded with tourists.

    Innocent school gal look is Joan, sexy Hollywood look is Freda? ^^;;;; Is that the new necklace you got? Nice~~~~

    Must be quite an anti-climax to stay in a fake Japanese styled inn….but wait, Japanese style IS supposed to exotic there….and how strange they serve you croissant but not rice and pickles and smelly beans, haha!

    Hey you mean you have to pay to drive by yourself, in your own car, along the coastline…my god…

  2. Freda says:

    What Hollywood look!? haha~

    Joan and I remarked the same thing too, the fake Japanese Inn just can’t bring themselves to go ALL the way with their attempted exotic Japanese theme…especially the safe and limited way American eat…

    Once you park and walk down the beach at the 17-mile you’d come across a gate and must pay to get thru (to the ‘scenic area’), it’s just ridiculous~~ Later when we are the bead store, the owner told this guy “don’t go to 17-mile drive, you have to pay and there’s nothing to see…” 🙁