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Birrieria Jalisco (Boyle Heights)

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Birrieria JaliscoBirrieria Jalisco
On the gold line we got out at the Mariachi Plaza station (for those who never been there, it’s a square where you can find local Mariachi musicians gathered around for hired. It feels very Mexico there.) There’re several restaurants nearby that’s worth checking out. We chose  Birrieria Jalisco, a restaurant that has been around for 35 years known for Birria, a Mexican meat stew that’s made with goat. In fact goat is the only thing you can get in this place.

The pictorial menu on the wall is Spanish only but it’s pretty easy to figure out. You can get different parts of the goat (the waiter can translate for you) , roasted or with broth.

Birrieria Jalisco
Birrieria JaliscoIMG_2320

We shared the full size #4 on the menu: Espinazo y Pierna con consome (Spine and legs with broth). The broth was delicious! The meat was tender and melt in your mouth but it was a little gamey. You eat the meat with tortilla and condiments (lime, onion, cilantro) which came along. The goat meat taste like lamb and was very rich so it’s good to get some drink with it. We got a big glass of Jamaica (Hibiscus tea) and Horchata. And of course you can get Mexican coke there which is better than American ones.

It was a great LA experience to have truly authentic Mexican food in a Latino neighbourhood where spanish was mainly spoken. Next time I definitely want to try the roasted goat.

Birrieria Jalisco
1845 E 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033
(323) 262-4552

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One Response to “Birrieria Jalisco (Boyle Heights)”

  1. SinoSoul says:

    Love this place. I tend to get the mixed plate (Whatever that number may be). The stew / consume seems to be where it’s at, since if you only order the roast, there’d be nothing in which to dip your tortilla?