August 31, 2005 11

Spicy Seseme Noodle

By in 01: San Gabriel

DSC05325.jpgThe best veggie food I had over the funeral weekend was this take out from local Chinese restaurant. Spicy Seseme Sauce Noodle. The soup is not that hot despite the redness and it’s surprisingly tasty! The noodle as well.

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11 Responses to “Spicy Seseme Noodle”

  1. seat says:

    Are you sure the soup was not made of pork/beef stock? Oops, too late. ^^;;;

  2. tomoko says:

    haha yeah I would have thought its suuuuper spicy!

  3. Freda says:

    I know, it taste too good to be veggie, must have beef/pork broth in it ^^;;

    Hey do you guys hear about the New Orleans crissis? The entire city is no more, gone~ really crazy~~ French Quarter…Gone! It’s crazy, everyone underestimate its seriousness and everyday it amounts to new level of catastrope, it sounds like end of the world. At first the media didn’t realize the scoop of it. The major problem is how useless the US government and their aiding mission has been, really a big joke to international, such a supposedly advance, powerful, rich and abundant #1 country in the world…can be sooooooo useless. The Tsunami rescue effort was so much better because it’s international effort. Left to US alone, they can’t do shit! Watching TV coverage, really, New Orleans looks like the poorest and uncivilized 3rd World country~~ it’s in total choas. Never knew US is so 3rd world…gosh…and its rescue effort to own people are worst than 3rd world. This cussing mayor’s interview best describe everyone’s frustration

  4. Joan says:

    I’m totally shocked at how 3rd world US is and how useless government is. That major “Sassing” interview is awesome, listen to it if you can. US can send so much troop and $$$ to iraq, yet can’t send any troop to help ppl in New Orlean in a week!? Crazy…

  5. tomoko says:

    yeah, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a police officer looting a store!

    pretty embarrasing as a country…

    we all know that people needing help are the kind of people republicans don’t care for…
    compassionate conservatisim, what a joke!

  6. seat says:

    You read about the news article published a few years back that predicted and warned about a hurricane and the aftermath?? It describes exactly what is happening now! Isn’t it sad that people in the past, die of diasters because they were caught unprepared, but now there are satellite images to predict what is to come, people still die in large number! How ironic!

  7. Joan says:

    Actually the media exaggerate the looting, as usual. When it’s white people grabbing stuffs from store, the media calls it “trying to find food and water to survive”, but when it’s black it’s labeled “looting”. The national guard (and media) focus too much on the looting, when what they should focus on is the 50,000 suffering people who’re stuck in the superdome or other places without any water and food for 4 days. That’s just totally ridiculous. The water and food supply were delivered there, but there’s no one in charge to distribute them. It makes you wonder, if the victims are mostly white people, would they sent a cruise ship to rescue everyone on the 2nd day already?

  8. tomoko says:

    yeah during the LA riots, there were so many guards around beverly hills but no protection around downtown area. so no doubt they are very selective about who/when/where to rescue! very sad…

  9. Freda says:

    The one pissed me off most is the report of this 17 years old boy “stealing” a school bus, in which he saved more than 70 victims on the way and he drove everyone 7 hours to Huston’s refugee camp. The word “stealing” was emphasized again and again (they were denied entry at first and there was talks of arresting the boy). Gosh that boy was a HERO, and SMART! Look at the people who were ‘waiting’ for the so-called help from government. If the boy were white, the news report would have say that boy heroically ‘command’ the bus. This disastrer exposed US’s class and racial problems to the world, very much like 3rd world, and how fragile and abandoned the poverty group are.

  10. tomoko says:

    wow I didn’t know about the boy but sounds like he should get a medal and his story could be made into a movie or something!
    so lame they would even think of arresting him!
    mainstream media’s probably being censored hard-core, like during Iraq bombing! errr…..
    I’m so glad I’m away from stupid media coverage like that, cuz I’ll get so pissed and lose sleep over it! (>_

  11. Joan says:

    totally, if the kid is white he’s already been hailed as “HERO” with major media coverage/interviews with Diana Sawyer/Katie Kouric Jay Leno whatever etc etc. I was very pissed off and frustrated all last week partly due to this whole Katrina thing -__- Also amazed at how ppl can still excuse Bush and think he’s “great”.

    check this out: